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Emergency Management Assessment Program

In these uncertain times, organizations, whether private or public, are increasingly concerned about their emergency response preparedness. Emergency and Incident Management are not just critical from an employee and customer perspective, they are part of today's regulatory environment. Now more than ever, organizations need to know how well prepared they are for the inevitable crises they all face.

The Emergency Management Assessment Program ("EMAP") is an objective and in-depth assessment tool - automated on the Web - used to evaluate the state of your company's overall emergency management program. The assessment draws on our professionals' deep expertise to identify the strengths and weakness of your emergency response plan. The report produced by EMAP will flag gaps in preparedness and provide recommendation for improvement.

EMAP is an automated tool that assesses emergency and incident management standards, hazard identification & vulnerability assessment, emergency response organization, communications, incident command, coordination with public authorities, emergency procedures, implementation, training practices and program maintenance. EMAP measure your emergency and incident management capabilities against federal, state, and local codes and regulations.

It is a tool that provides an independent audit and validation of your operational planning for the protection and recovery of your people, property and infrastructure before, during and after emergencies. EMAP is a Web-based solution delivering content recognized by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) on a platform approved by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

It is a secure, hosted solution requiring no new hardware or networks. It enables your department heads and facilities managers to complete assessment questionnaires and attach required proof of their planning processes and procedures - in a self-assessment format. Questions and submittals are weighted and customized for roll-up reports through a color-coded, visual "heat map" of twelve key categories in the delivery of essential services. For mid-market and Fortune 500 companies EMAP informs management of the incident or emergency preparedness at the unit, store, manufacturing, distribution or call center level. It essentially creates a gap analysis of your organization's emergency management/response strategy.

EMAP covers security and logistics requirements, equipment needs, incident response and relocation, crisis communication and emergency notification, personnel accountability, recovery and reviews, recommendations and plan testing and maintenance. It provides an executive summary, a management scorecard and detailed gap analysis on how your plan stacks up against industry and regulatory standards.

EMAP helps Risk Solutions International Emergency Management professionals develop specific recommendations on how to improve your emergency management program in the following areas:

  • Management Commitment and Support- How to ensure a robust program through management support, policy statement and adherence to applicable industry standards.
  • Emergency Response Organization- How to assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Capabilities & Hazard Identification- How to determine the scope of the emergency management program, assessing which potential threats the organization should prepare for.
  • Emergency Response Procedures- How to improve evacuation plans, how to respond to actually incidents (incident specific and general guidelines) - preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.
  • Incident Command & Coordination with Public Authorities- How to ensure communications with employees, authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Crisis Communications- How to ensure communications with employees, authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Plan Documentation- How to ensure that plan content, access and format is consistent and organized in a manner that will facilitate recovery.
  • Implementation & Training- How to improve employee awareness and readiness; how to improve drills to be more effective.
  • Awareness & Testing- How to improve employee awareness and readiness; how to improve testing to be more effective.


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