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Continuity of Operations - Evaluation Review

Preparing for events that can impact government employees, disrupt data and operational processes and inhibit the ability of government agencies to deliver essential services - or even operate as a governing body - has become a frontline issue. These incidents severely strain the people, resources and equipment that local government leaders, emergency managers and first responders have at their disposal. Disruptions to the smooth functioning of local and state government services can happen for many reasons - natural disasters, vendor and contractor failures, power outages, municipal or transit work stoppages or terrorism.

The resilience of local government under intense stress fundamentally defines a city's, county's or state's capacity to meet its operational and legal commitments to constituents. Federal and many state guidelines and mandates now require a detailed program managed across your critical agencies that assures administrative and legislative bodies, your citizens, government employees and FEMA that your jurisdiction has developed and tested plans to guarantee the continuity of essential services, in the event of major disruptions. Industry best practices - and the likelihood for your jurisdiction to secure ongoing Federal grant funding - require an independent validation of your preparedness.

Risk Solutions International's COOP-ER™ is a comprehensive government preparedness assessment tool that maps to Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Federal Preparedness Circulars. These provide guidance to government officials in developing viable and executable contingency plans for their continuity of operations. COOP-ER is a fully automated, web-based solution delivering content recognized by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) on a platform approved by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It provides an independent third party validation of your operational planning for the resilience of your critical government agencies and departments during emergencies.

COOP-ER helps you understand the impact of disruptions, and the resilience of your critical agencies to continue delivering essential services, like fire protection, payroll, policing, sanitation. It covers security and logistics requirements, equipment needs, incident response and relocation, crisis communication and emergency notification, personnel accountability, recovery and reviews, recommendations and plan testing and maintenance. COOP-ER is the first step that every government jurisdiction should require of its critical departments as part of your overall Continuity of Operations strategy.

We believe that your COOP strategy should be a part of your jurisdiction's or region's Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP), which are being reviewed by agencies of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our COOP solution provides a holistic approach to operational risk for local governments - integrating crisis management, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and emergency response planning. It helps cities:

  • Protect and restore critical infrastructure and key local resources.
  • Protect and mitigate damage and impact to people, communities and the environment.
  • Facilitate recovery of individuals, families, schools, local businesses and government agencies.
  • Integrate first responders under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) of the National Response Plan (NRP).
  • Enable incident response to be handled at the lowest possible organizational and jurisdictional level.
These solutions address your critical agencies and departments such as Mayor's Office, Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS), Finance (Tax Collection, Assessor, Controller, Treasurer, Internal Auditor), Human Resources, Operations (Public Works, Vital Statistics, Board of Licenses, Recorder of Deeds, Sanitation), City Council offices and chambers, City Clerk, and Probate Court.


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