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Business Continuity Assessment Program

Risk Solutions International's Business Continuity Assessment Program ("BCAP") evaluates the state of your company's overall business continuity and disaster recovery practices and assesses your current management approach against industry and regulatory leading practice. It examines an organization's continuity program standards, business impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development, testing, and maintenance - at the departmental level, the store level or the manufacturing/administrative or distribution site level.

The BCAP assesses the state of your organization's disaster recovery plan and human impact program-delivering a clear comparison with other leading companies, revealing whether you are prepared for a disruption or need to enhance your business continuity program. BCAP audits the resource requirements necessary by various departments for post disaster recovery - at the systems and IT level as well as the overall organization process level.

Using a proven methodology of inquiry, observation, and a review of documents, this automated Risk Solutions International tool analyzes your management practices and develops recommendations to improve the overall business continuity program, where applicable. The automated assessment makes nearly 200 inquiries and draws conclusions in the following areas:

  • Organization & Structure- How the Business Continuity program is structured.
  • Business Impact Analysis- How the program has identified recovery priorities and associated resources.
  • Strategy Selection- The strategy the organization has employed to recover the business, operations and technology.
  • Plan Documentation- The level and format for the Business Continuity Plan documentation.
  • Awareness & Testing- How staff is trained on their individual roles and responsibilities and the overall methodology for testing.
  • Maintenance- How the plan is kept current.
The BCAP tool provides an executive summary, a management scorecard and detailed gap analysis on how your plan compares against industry and regulatory standards. Individual management practices within each of these areas receive a "grade" of Green, Yellow, or Red on the management "dashboard" based on whether or not the actual environment sufficiently emulates industry or regulatory best practice. It offers specific recommendations on how to improve your business continuity program, especially relating to high priority issues.


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