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Automated Assessment Tools

Independently assessing the operational resilience and emergency preparedness of each of your critical internal and external operations is the first step in gaining visibility into your enterprise operational risk.

Risk Solutions International has developed a suite of assessments that can be executed cost-effectively over the Web. All of your internal departments, stores, manufacturing/distribution/call center and administrative facilities and your global vendors can now securely respond to continuity assessment surveys that provide management with enterprise-scale visibility into your operational risk "hot spots," and potential exposure to insurance and legal liability. These tools include:

These tools enable organizations to "export" the assessment, data gathering and documentation steps that drive industry assessment methodology - across the extended enterprise, all the way upstream to your supply chain. That "global reach" enables you to track internal and external compliance to company standards and to automatically sort results by geography, product type, merchandise classification, continent/country and port of origin, political risk and many other factors.

The results are automatically plotted in color "heat maps" and summarized in table, graph and chart format. This presentation format provides management with a graphical "dashboard" for effectively auditing operational risk and directing resources and decisions toward areas that are out of compliance.

Technology Partner

Risk Solutions International's partner - Prism eSolutions - developed and hosts the Web platform and analytic engine underlying our automated assessment tools. Prism eSolutions provides business management systems to public and private sector clients worldwide. These systems integrate project management, training, document control, collaboration, communication and business process compliance assessment into a complete tool that is powerful yet easy to use.

The platform that our automated assessment tools run is highly secure, customizable and is offered on a hosted or implemented basis. It is available is Mandarin and supports over 200 languages, making it ideal for global supply chain application. The platform is endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and Risk Solutions International's assessment methodology is endorsed by the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRII).


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